Concierge Medicine without the office visit and high price tag.
24/7 access to your board certified medical provider by phone, e-mail, text, and video conference
Dial your doctor directly, not an 800# queue
Unlimited consultations and zero copay
Comprehensive personalized care with extended visits and zero wait
Access to guaranteed prescription drug discounts

Membership fees are not covered by traditional insurance
DrLink® is an added benefit utilized in conjunction with your existing insurance plan or in some cases for smaller companies, in lieu of medical insurance plans
DrLink® fees may be tax deductible if paid via a Health Savings or Flex Spending Account
30 million plus new patients with insurance will further stress the existing physician shortage making wait times even longer than they are currently
Insurance premiums will continue to rise, networks are shrinking, access to healthcare is plummeting
DrLink® guarantees access to your physician 24 hours a day
DrLink® provides access to a virtual specialist network
For a nominal fee, a virtual specialist consultation can be obtained within 24 hours
Absolutely. DrLink® is a supplemental benefit program and can be utilized as your primary care provider or as a backup when traditional doctor's offices are closed.
We understand that sometimes in-person visits are necessary to acquire important clinical information, so we encourage relationships with providers in your area.
DrLink® is a very powerful tool with a much higher utilization rate than traditional telemedicine platforms. When a patient-physician relationship has been established and solidified, telemedicine is exceedingly beneficial and efficient.

The enrollment process typically requires 2-3 weeks depending on the size of your company. DrLink® handles all aspects of enrollment and there is very little strain on your HR team. We require a one year commitment to the program and allow monthly or annual invoicing.
Employees are permitted to be added and subtracted depending on employment status throughout the program.

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